The Garden Guru's Guide to Waterwise GardeningThe Garden Guru's Guide to Waterwise Gardening
Released in December 2003, this 400-page hardcover book will unlock the secrets and practical “tricks of the trade” a gardener needs to know to enjoy gardening in a harsh, dry climate.

The Garden Gurus demonstrate many different ways to grow beautiful and productive gardens in a waterwise manner using plants that come from all over the world as well as Australia.

Without doubt, this is one of the most important books ever on waterwise gardening and it is written in a style that is easy to read and understand. So anyone can benefit-from the beginner through to the most proficient gardener. This advice is applicable across the world as water conservation becomes a critical issue for most communities.

The book covers in detail topics such as soil quality, importance of water, working with your environment to get the best results, lawns, roses, fruit and vegetables, herbs, recipes, questions and answers, waterwise plants and beautiful waterwise garden designs.
Title: The Garden Guru's Guide to Waterwise Gardening
Authors: Trevor Cochrane and Neville Passmore
ISBN: 0975147609
RRP: $49.95