Baileys Energy Garden and Soil Improver Plus

Episode: 5
Title: Baileys Energy Garden and Soil Improver Plus
Broadcast: 3rd October 2015
Presenter: Steve Wood

The basis to a healthy productive soil is in its organic content. The richer the soil the more nutrition and moisture it’s able to hold. On W.A’s sandy coastal plain we need all the help we can get so its nice to know that there are quality products we can trust to transform our grey sands into fertile ground.

  • Baileys’ Soil Improver contains organic material that has been fully matured and composted to Australian standards which means there is no risk of it robbing precious nitrogen from the soil. It also contains grosorb, a professional grade wetting agent that ensures good water penetration and rewettability.
  • Once we have built the right soil structure, we need to add nutrition. Microorganisms have the incredible ability to multiply thousands of times a day when we feed them with the right products.
  • Energy Garden combines organic blood and bone with essential plant nutrients, trace elements, zeolites and humates.
  •  Zeolite is a natural mineral that plays a vital role in nutrient retention. Humates greatly improve soil fertility and stimulate microbial growth. All these ingredients combined will ensure we have everything we need for strong healthy plant growth while at the same time building a rich, fertile soil.
  • Baileys is a family brand that has been supplying West Australian gardeners with the highest quality products for over 90 years. Made in WA for our unique conditions its great to know that 4 generations of experience have created a name we can trust.

Baileys’ Energy Garden: Contact - 08 9439 1688