The Yellow Bin

Episode: 5
Title: The Yellow Bin
Broadcast: 3rd October 2015
Presenter: Chris Ferreira

Everyone knows that the yellow bin is for recycling but not everything can be reused or recycled. This story will explore how to recycle right.

  • Firstly, this bin is a catch all for an incredible diverse array of stuff and once it all comes here to make MT Trash, it then begins its real journey of truth through the complex bowels of an amazing recycling plant that hopefully separates it into a suite of recyclable products that are neatly bundled and exported around the world to make new products.
  • Remember to not bag your recycling.
  • Secondly, just because something is recyclable doesn’t mean it can magically be recycled in the yellow top bin. This plant is a crude sifting and sorting plant so complex and bulky items will just end up in the great big hole. So old phones and electrical goods are all perfectly recyclable but they must be taken to an E-Waste collection point or company.
  • Thirdly, don’t worry about numbers on our plastic, these days you can just put them all in the yellow top bin for recycling which makes things a lot simpler.
  • Fourthly, your yellow top bin is a hungry beast but it probably needs to go on a diet so you can do the whole system a favor and reduce your packaging. Seek out products with less packaging, grow more food, use less bags and so on as there are many ways you can slash your waste. Check out the recycle right website for more ideas.
  • And if you’re stuck for a wild and unique experience, why not come and visit this amazing facility for a tour that will blow you away and may even change your life.

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