Moisture Mulch, Grosorb and Soil Improver Plus

Episode: 10
Title: Moisture Mulch, Grosorb and Soil Improver Plus
Broadcast: 21st November 2015
Presenter: Chris Ferreira

The bounty of spring is often lost as the soil dries out and becomes water repellent and this will be the single biggest issue you will face on the sandy soils of Perth over summer.

  • Use a really good wetting agent like Grosorb and spread it across the garden beds and lawn. Remember to activate the wetting agent with high pressure to make it froth.
  • Once your wetting agent is activated, it helps break down the waxes that build up naturally in the soil so all the important water and nutrients go into the soil creating a better and more efficient watering and growth.
  • Water repellency is an ongoing issue so use a good wetting agent on high performance areas like the lawn three times a year: now, mid summer and again in March.
  • Typically our soils lack good levels of organic matter making plant growth difficult. If you need any convincing just look at any plant when you take it from its pot. Look at that rich dark beautiful soil. Plonk that straight into our unimproved sands and you can guess how much your poor old plant is going to like that so spend the time and add a really good soil improver to any planting hole.
  • Dig and prepare a hole around 4-5 times the size of your plant pot, that way you will give your plant a smooth transition rather than an ugly dislocation from its rich enclave of soil it was grown in.
  • Always remember to go for quality. See the stamps on the bag that tells you it is made to really high standards so it has no diseases or weeds and has added wetting agent to deal with the dreaded water repellency.
  • Finally, don’t forget the magic of mulch! A good, insulating 5-7cm layer of rough course mulch will not only protect your precious soil but it will let the water through to the roots where it belongs.
  • Getting ready for summer is the most important thing you can do right now as a few actions can save your precious soil, water and nutrients.

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