Mondo Landscaping

Episode: 10
Title: Mondo Landscaping
Broadcast: 21st November 2015
Presenter: Darren Seinor

Beverly Harrison and Debbie Taylor, the award-winning designers from Mondo Landscapes certainly make it clear just how important it is that a landscape design not only reflects the vision of the clients but it also understands the unique gardening conditions in which the garden will grow.

  • Mondo Landscapes base their gardens on great design, attention to detail and high quality materials and workmanships, these are great standards for all gardeners to aim for.
  • The garden featured in this episode brought some inspiration from Bali, using plants such as dion, crotons, which are said to can’t be grown in full sun in Perth and Indian Mast Trees.
  • In a garden like this, it is critically important that the hardscapes and softscapes work well together, in this garden, the combination of tropical plants and natural stone is absolutely perfect.
  • The garden thrives because the soil has been prepared well using clay plus, providing nutrients directly to the plant’s root systems.

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