Dulux Rapid Finish

Episode: 10
Title: Dulux Rapid Finish
Broadcast: 21st November 2015
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Mention the word painting and you’ll find that you would have at least three or four places or maybe more where a lick of paint is desperately needed outside.

  • The thought of using a brush tends to fill people with dread, using a spray is an ideal alternative, spraying is quicker than a brush, it’s less labour intensive and it arguably fun to use.
  • Easy spraying starts with the paint, and to avoid a messy experience, Dulux Rapid Finish is the right choice. Just fill the spray container and you can start!
  • Dulux Rapid Finish is UV protective, it is self-priming on most surfaces so no need to apply a separate primer on bare timber and it helps resist mould, dirt and stained on painted surfaces.
  • Your choice of sprayer also counts. Choose something easy to use, not too heavy and gives a quality finish is the go like the Dulux Rapid Finish Multi-purpose fine spray. You can pick this up for around $100 so it’s great value.
  • If you need more or less paint, simply adjust the flow rate on the Dulux Rapid Finish Multi-purpose fine spray by adjusting the trigger to control the paint flow.

Dulux Rapid Finish: Contact - +613 9263 5678
Website - http://www.dulux.com.au/products/rapid-finish