Holman’s Misting Kit

Title: Holman’s Misting Kit
Broadcast: 21st  November 2015
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Spring has sprung and with it we are all going to use our outdoor entertaining areas a lot more to sit back, relax and cool down, but sometimes it is still rather uncomfortable. A simple, easy to install misting system is perfect for the DIY enthusiast.

  • Holman’s misting kit comes in a 7 metre and 20 metre kit with expansion packs. The misting system cools the air temperature by the evaporation of the fine particles of water emitted by the brass nozzles that can be easily cleaned from calcium buildup.
  • Take a few minutes to work out the positioning of the misting nozzles and where your pipe will best go to the water source. The system works best with a curtain of mist around the area, at least two curtains.
  • Lay out the hose in the sun to soften it and take away the memory. Carefully measure and cut equal lengths of hose, 600mm-1m is recommended. Make sure the cuts are square and clean so use the pipe cutter for best results.
  • Screw in the misting T’s along the length of the pipe and use the elbows as required to go around corners. Secure the hose with the saddle clamps which are suited to masonry and timber. Position the hose away from tables and chairs so that you and your guests don’t get too wet.
  • The auto drain valve makes sure that when the mist is switched off, there will be no drips. Before screwing in the nozzles, it is important to flush the system to remove any potential nozzle blocking debris.
  • The misting nozzle emits very small amounts of water. It also breaks the water into very small droplets or a “mist”. In hot conditions, the small water droplets evaporate almost instantaneously.
  • Generally, you will not want to run the misting systems continuously. If you do, the general environment may become damp and unpleasant. The simple way to solve this problem is to use a Holman Misting Timer. This timer can be programmed to suit the environmental conditions of the day.

Holman’s Misting Kit: Contact – 08 9204 1011
Website - http://www.holmanindustries.com.au/products/misting-system/