Troforte Rejuvenator

Episode: 10
Title: Troforte Rejuvenator
Broadcast: 21st  November 2015
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

A great way to liven up any space in the garden is to use plants in pots and containers. From adding colour to a space or even edibles to have on hand next to the BBQ or kitchen, there is always a use for pots but if they aren’t looked after these can quickly become tired, stressed and just lacking any real sass.

  • Your soil is the backbone of the garden and over time it can become tired and depleted and your plants suffer. This can happen in the garden and even more so in pots where the mix can quickly deteriorate.
  • This is probably because all the microbes have died and your soil is basically dead which often happens when the soil has been allowed to dry out and is in poor condition.
  • What you need to do is put some vigour back into your soil and give it a new lease of life with more beneficial microbes, minerals and fungi which are all packed into this gear.
  • Add Troforte to your tired soils and potting mix and you’re giving back the goodness in a natural way.
  • Packed full of 60 natural minerals, 24 strains of beneficial soil microbes, delivered to your soil over 5 – 6 months slow release rate.
  • This will get that dead lifeless soil and potting mix back kicking goals so your plants feel rejuvenated.

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