Yates Rose Shield

Episode: 10
Title: Yates Rose Shield
Broadcast: 21st November 2015
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Mites can be very damaging to your roses and various ornamentals, the symptoms include yellow mottling and bronzing of the leaves, with heavy infestations you will find webbing on the leaves and with severe infestations you can get defoliations.

  • Mites like dry conditions, so indoor plants are prone to attack, overhead watering can be effective as can Yates Roseshield, which has a highly effective combination of a synthetic pyrethoid insecticide and a systemic broad-spectrum fungicide.
  • The insecticide works via contact and stomach action, where the insect is killed via spraying or eating the sap or leaves.
  • The fungicide is absorbed into the plant’s system and will translocate around the plant to control disease.
  • Spray the leaves thoroughly and make sure to spray the underside of the leaves. You need to start spraying during spring or when you notice the particular pest or disease and reapply every fourteen days.

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