Winter Herb Planters

Episode: 10
Title: Winter Herb Planters
Broadcast: May 21st
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

This is the time of year to be planting herbs and in this segment Trevor shows us how to grow herbs in planters.

  • If you are growing herbs in planters a three–potted planter is ideal.
  • It is also best to use three of these planters as it gives you a rotational harvest opportunity. By the time you’ve finished harvesting one, another one will be ready to go.
  • Daikon, Komatsuna and Tokyo Turnip are planted in one planter.
  • Watercrest is planted in another planter. It is a famous super food and a great garnish for soups or addition to salads.
  • Chillies, Garlic and Coriander are planted in the last planter.
  • The best time to grow Coriander is during the winter months because it loves cool conditions. The slow bolt form is better because it doesn’t go to seed straight away and you get a lot of foliage.
  • With planters like these it is best to harvest regularly. If you can pick fresh foliage and fruit off the chillies every second day, the bulbs can remain compact and fresh, stimulating constant production of fresh foliage.
  • Make sure that you water regularly using a thrive tablet that goes into the water and dissolves immediately. This fertilises the herbs and stimulates growth.
  • Water over the foliage once a week.
  • The three–potted planter from Waldecks can be stacked one on top the other as a way to save space.