Perth Garden Festival – Swan Valley Nursery Edible Flowers

Episode: 10
Title: Perth Garden Festival – Swan Valley Nursery Edible Flowers
Broadcast: May 21st
Presenter: Steve Wood

In this segment Steve shows us some exciting new concepts in plants at the Swan Valley Exhibit at the Perth Garden Festival.

  • Adding edible flowers is a growing trend in our restaurant industry. To get that effect in our home kitchens we can use Nasturtiums, Pineapple Sage and Calendula.
  • The great range of colours in the Nasturtiums will add a real dimension to soups and salads.
  • The red colour of Pineapple Sage flowers look and taste great in drinks.
  • The rich colour of the Calendula flowers is a great addition to a salad.
  • Always remember flowers are like mushrooms in that not all of them are edible.
  • The sweetness of Nasturtiums attracts lizards and bobtails into the garden, which is handy as they play an important role in cleaning up insects and pests in the garden.

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