Keeping Animals

Episode: 10
Title: Keeping Animals
Broadcast: May 21st
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Last week when we visited Megan, she impressed us with her growing edibles, so this week Nigel takes us back to learn more.

  • Muscovy ducks and Pekin ducks are considered the main eating variety and are also good egg producers.
  • The Muscovy ducks are good brooding hens, whereas Pekins lay eggs but don’t sit on them. By mixing the two you get a good meat bird.
  • Geese act as good watchdogs; great at letting you know when someone is around or when something is going on.
  • Geese free range a lot and eat most grains, poultry mix or a specialised duck crumble.
  • Dorper sheep are a self–shedding sheep and a high demand for good quality meat.
  • They are sold sometimes in restaurants as a saltbush Dorper lamb, which means they were fed on a native saltbush that imparts another intensity on the flavour.
  • Wormwood, Tangie and Rue are all beneficial plants for chickens. The chickens rub next to them and they impart the oils and the essences, creating an insecticide for fleas, mites and lice.