Garden Express Roses

Episode: 10
Title: Garden Express Roses
Broadcast: May 21st
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Winter brings with it many garden opportunities and one is transplanting and planting new deciduous trees and shrubs.

  • The traditional transplanting season is from June 1 through to the last week of July for deciduous plants, it’s the chance to change a few plant options like roses.
  • We generally don’t prune roses until the 1st of August in most places around Australia and this is to avoid frost damage of new growth BUT if you live within 15km off the coast with moderate temperatures this means you probably won’t have to worry anyway which means an early prune is possible and will deliver early season flowers in spring.
  • Cutting unwanted bushes back and then digging them out to be replaced with some new varieties is the task for today.
  • The transplant process is quick and easy however, the replanting takes a bit more time, I have some very specific variety requirements, Champagner a stunning long stemmed white rose is better for cut flowers and White spray and a prolific bloomer floribunda will add splashes of white throughout the warm months.
  • Getting your hands on varieties at a great price is your next challenge and once that meant buying at the local nurseries sale, but now thanks to the internet nursery shopping is easiest on line and Garden Express offers the best deals.
  • In late Autumn Garden Express release a range of bare rooted dormant roses and there’s over 150 different varieties available so shopping has never been easier.
  • After ordering the roses they are delivered to your door and this is what they look like dormant, cut back 2 year old plants ready to be planted in their new home. A little trick I learnt is to make up a weak solution of Seasol and let them soak in it for about 10 minutes before planting. This reduces transplant shock and stimulates root growth in the new home.
  • The other thing I always do is planting into a specialist rose planting mix or potting mix, which is what I am doing here. Remember a cheap potting mix can cause more problems than it’s worth so look for a bag with the Australian Standards red tick on it; it’s your guarantee of success.

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