Tasting Asia, Swan valley Herbs at the Beaufort Local

Episode: 10
Title: Tasting Asia, Swan valley Herbs at the Beaufort Local
Broadcast: May 21st
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

The Swan Valley Nursery has a new range of Asian Herbs, their Tasting Asia collection offers a variety of herbs perfect for cooking.

  • If you love the flavours of Asia pop into your local garden centre and check out their Swan Valley nursery Tasting Asia range.
  • When you have a fantastic range of herbs to work with it doesn’t hurt to enlist the help of an expert, Oliver Gould, the Shorehouse head chef is here to cook with and explain the uses of these Asian Herbs.
  • You can use Vietnamese mint in sorbets or Ramen, Daikon Japanese Radish makes a nice petite garnish and steamed Bok Choy is the perfect accompaniment to any Asian dish.
  • The range also includes Vietnamese coriander, Thai Mint and Japanese Komatsuma, chillies. The herbs vary between the seasons.
  • When planting up herbs and vegies make sure you use a perineum potting mix. The lightweight pot used is from Waldecks Garden Centre.
  • Oliver has cooked up an egg and crab omelette using chillies, radishes, Japanese Spinach and Vietnamese mint.

Contact: The Swan Valley Nursery
(08) 9571 2611