Secrets to Gardening Success: PowerFeed with Troforte

Episode: 3
Title: Seasol – 12 Secrets to Gardening Success: PowerFeed with Troforte
Broadcast: August 27th
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Nigel has a couple of good tips for us to give our soil and plants a boost, no matter how big or small the garden is. Anything from a pot plant by the window to an acreage out in the sticks – you’re going to be in business with Seasol and PowerFeed!

  • For healthy growth, strong root development and enhanced flowering and fruiting, you can’t beat the magical qualities of seaweed. It’s jam-packed full of nutrients and beneficial microorganisms that plants love.
  • Seaweed has a long history of use by gardeners and farmers for thousands of years across the globe. Used in cooking, cosmetics and various recipes and treatments, it really is the super-food for plants.
  • You can get this super-food on the garden in a few simple ways using Seasol. Mix in in a watering can, a sprayer or use the Seasol hose-on pack for larger areas. There’s also the ready-to-use spray gun.
  • Seasol can be used on all plants year round. As well as promoting good health, it increases tolerance to stresses such as heat, drought, frost and insect and fungal attack. It increases seed germination rates and reduces transplant shock.
  • Through the growing season from spring to autumn when you need to boost plant growth and vigor, liquid fertiliser is perfect. Seasol PowerFeed is an organic liquid fertiliser and soil conditioner so it looks after everything above and below ground. Just like Seasol, you can use it on all of your plants including natives and edibles!

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