Holman Hoses

Episode: 3
Title: Hoses
Broadcast: August 27th
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

When it comes to smart gardening you need to look after your tools and one that’s often overlooked is the humble garden hose. As we move into spring and plants start to dry, it’s time to start thinking about watering your garden and hand watering is the best way to do so. The new compact retractable hose from Holman Industries is the best thing you could provide your garden with this season.

  • The trick is trying to avoid exposing hoses to sunlight and twisting and kinking or being run over by the car and a way of doing so is with the retractable hose reel. They’ve become so popular that there’s some sensational new innovations being introduced, which makes them even better!
  • The hose reel from Holman Industries is a new and improved more compact offering, which is 25% smaller than the traditional retractable hose reel.
  • No more tripping hazards or untied hoses exposed in the garden. The colour scheme is designed to blend into the environment. It’s so much easier to be dealing with a hose that retracts back into the housing unit with ease.
  • Installation couldn’t be easier, with a simple wall mounted bracket. Simply drill the bracket in, bolt it on, pick your hose reel up and slot it on. It’s a 5-minute project that can be easily done once bought from the store.
  • With most of the country being water-stressed, it’s important we don’t just turn the irrigation on in springtime. Hand watering is a great way to reduce water consumption, making sure your plants get exactly what they need and no more.
  • The hose reels also come with brilliant fittings, including a 7-function gun. Clever, tidy and efficient, watering the garden has never been easier!

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