Raised Garden Bed

Episode: 4
Title: Raised Garden Bed
Broadcast: September 3rd
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Growing by seed can be incredibly cost effective and most importantly it’s very rewarding. Trev show us how he places his grown seedlings into raised garden beds. He uses a simple flat pack system, which builds in just 15 minutes!

  • When it comes to growing veggies and herbs you have to do a lot of work on them – there’s planting, weeding, feeding and harvesting. This can be really backbreaking work so putting them into a raised garden bed makes a lot of sense.
  • This simple flat pack system from Holman Industries comes in two options – 500mmsq or 1mtrsq. It’s made from a wood composite material so there’s no rusting or termites and its mold and grime resistant. They’re also modular and easy to build.
  • Each kit comes with a weed mats, which you can use one of two ways. If you’ve got trees nearby that might provide root competition with your veggies, lay it across the base to make a root barrier. However, if it’s a nice a sunny spot, lay the mat across the surface of the soil and plant into it. It acts like a mulch and suppresses weeds.
  • Next you need to fill the beds with soil, which can be the existing foundation soil from your garden or – even better – mulch. A chunky woodchip or green-waste soil is the perfect platform this time of the year.
  • The kits also come with its own watering system, which you simply lay out once it’s set up. Lay it under the weed mat and into the soil. Hook it up to your tap timer and set the watering every third day for about 20-25-minutes.

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