Annuals – Pot Planting Annual Colour Arrangements

Episode: 4
Title: Annuals – Pot Planting Annual Colour Arrangements
Broadcast: September 3rd
Presenter: Melissa King

With spring comes a whole new pallet of bedding plants ready to get into the ground – think petunias, vincas, marigolds, snap dragons and nothing gives the garden a bright lift like these annuals in colourful pots. Mel shows us some spring colour arrangements perfect for your spring home and garden.

  • Melissa teams the beautiful spreading pink petunia shockwave rose with lavender pots for a splash of vibrant spring colour – the perfect table centerpiece.
  • For a flamboyant splash of colour don’t overlook the Queen of Flowers – the camellia. Set the garden on fire with Bob Hope, with deep red semi-double blooms or the Emperor Russia with double scarlet flowers.
  • Debbie is an old fashioned stunner with double rosey pink blooms. Lavender can also provide striking spring colour. Lavender Violet Lace has deep purple flowers and a long flowering habit, or the gorgeous pink flowering Lavender with Love with a neat compacting habit that’s perfect for pots.
  • Whatever you do in the garden this spring make sure you have some fun with colour. Mel personally likes to combine white flowers with pale purple for a more romantic display or plant in sunset shades for some drama in the garden.