Garden Express Gladioli

Gladioli are tall brightly coloured favourites and are a must in every garden. They brighten up the dullest corners of the garden and provide a beautiful show when in a vase in the home. Ideal in clumps or to fill that space in a garden bed. Gladiolis are old fashion beauties with enormous modern appeal, plant them in spring for spectacular warm season flowers. They provide height and colour without much effort required on your part. Flowering during spring in warmer regions and through summer in cooler temperate regions. They require a full sun position and protection from strong winds.

Garden express have teamed up with The Garden Gurus to bring you a special deal on Gladioli's

Viewers can get their hands on a collection of 50 Gladioli bulbs featuring 5 different varieties for only $30 that is a saving of 50%.

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