Tropical Gardens 1: Plant Placement

Episode: 10
Title: Tropical Gardens 1: Plant Placement
Broadcast: October 15th
Presenter: Melissa King

There’s something about a tropical garden that makes you feel like you’re on holiday, but living in a cool climate can make creating a resort style garden a real skill. Mel visits a perfect tropical style garden in Melbourne.

  • Mel visits the garden of landscaper Daniel Charles, who has mastered the art of tropical style gardening in Melbourne. They discuss what attracted him to the lush foliage and splash of colour in tropical plants and how this is achieved in a Victorian garden.
  • Daniel explains the qualities to look for in a plant are new growth, health and “tropical style plants” – there’s a good variety of these.
  • Soil is definitely the key to a beautiful, healthy tropical garden because these plants love the rich organic soil.
  • Daniel has proven you can create a lush garden hideaway no matter where you live!

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