Gardens of Many Nations – Ruck Global Tour

Episode: 10
Title: Gardens of Many Nations – Ruck Global Tour
Broadcast: October 15th
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Nigel takes a tour of the spectacular Gardens of Many Nations in Fagan Park in Sydney. He journeys through the beautiful looking Chinese and Japanese garden with stunning plants and architecture.

  • The gardenias and reticulata in the Chinese Garden are looking beautiful. These have a lovely white perfume flower and are both shaped nicely – fantastic hedging plants.
  • The garden gets some texture and movement from the mondo and the nandina, border planting at its best! Not to mention the boronia.
  • Lakes, rocks and bridges are regular key elements to Chinese garden and give a very authentic look.
  • Many plants found in a Chinese garden are also found in Japan. Nige takes a visit to the Japanese garden where the loropetalum and azaleas looking spectacular in bloom.
  • Azaleas also go really well with camellias because they both go well with acidic soil, so remember to plant these two together.
  • Rocks should always feature in a Japanese garden and the Japanese have the placement down to a fine art. Bury down to a third below ground level so they look natural.

Fagan Park