Troforte – Rejuvin8or CFR

Episode: 10
Title: Troforte – Rejuvin8or CFR
Broadcast: October 15th
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Nigel gives some soil and plants a boost with some secret recipes from Troforte.

  • This garden is doing pretty well, but down the end of the bed it’s a different story. This struggling Magnolia has a soil issue, so Nige gives it a boost with Troforte Rejuvin8or.
  • Rejuvin8or is packed full of minerals and beneficial microbes, and then even more microbes that do the business in the soil to feed your plants. Sprinkle it on and watch it work.
  • For the rest of the garden, Nige uses Troforte CRF, which is perfect for those plants that need the beneficial microbes but not the soil feed. This stuff lasts for up to 8 months!

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