Sproutwell Greenhouses

Episode: 10
Title: Sproutwell Greenhouses
Broadcast: October 15th
Presenter: Melissa King

Greenhouses have a long history but these days they’re designed to not only look good but are far more functional as well. Mel takes us to Sproutwell Greenhouses to take a look at the different designs of the latest and greatest greenhouses.

  • Greenhouses allow you to grow things you otherwise wouldn’t be able to grow in your climate, so they extend your growing season.
  • The best way to choose your perfect greenhouse is to get up close and personal with the different designs.
  • Mel speaks to Lance about what to look for when choosing a greenhouse and the different aspects to consider.
  • The size and type is the most important; there’s ranges from the lean-to, which stands against the wall; down to the hobby range, which is the garden-pro; all the way up to the premium range, which is the grange range.
  • All greenhouses can be extended and Sproutwell can grow these for you. You can grow absolutely anything you want: flowers, veggies, herbs. Anything you want because it’s climate controlled.
  • Visit the family run Sproutwell Greenhouses to speak to one of their experts on what to look for when choosing a greenhouse and all of the different aspects to consider.

Sproutwell Greenhouses
P: 1300 657 174
W: www.sproutwellgreenhouses.com.au