Grip n Lock & Oz Garden Hose

Episode: 10
Title: Grip n Lock & Oz Garden Hose
Broadcast: October 15th
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Don’t you just hate it when your hose plays up? Nigel shows us a guaranteed way to make sure your garden gets all the moisture it needs with the new Holman hose fittings.

  • The new Holman Grip n Lock hose fittings are available in brass or plastic. What they’ve done with these new fittings is improved all of the important fittings.
  • They have a longer tail and much sharper bard?? For good grip and they have a really great locking system on the olive??. Nigel shows us how to put it together.
  • These fittings are designed not to drip, leak or burst. Combined with the new Holman Oz Garden Hose, with reinforced braiding, they work a treat.
  • Made in Australia and both designed for Australian conditions. Once your new hose fittings and hose are ready for some action, you’re in watering business!

P: (08) 9204 1011