Using Seaweed to Improve your Lawn

Episode: 2
Title: Using Seaweed to Improve your Lawn
Broadcast: Nov 13th 2016
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Did you know lawns are not only a ground covering, but an important element in our environment? One thing that’s been proven to assist heat and water stressed lawns in the peak of summer is seaweed extract so Trev shows us a product to get the most out of our lawns.

  • The application of seaweed extract assists by reducing the stomata size, which is the tiny little pores in the leaf of the lawn itself. It reduces the flow of moisture from the roots up through the plants, protecting it from the sun.
  • Lawns that are readily stressed in the peak of summer are generally lacking organic topsoil to hold moisture around the roots longer, so adding clay, humos or a wetting agent can make a world of difference to a lawns health.
  • Seasol for Lawns is an active liquid compost, which improves the soils health by boosting beneficial microbe populations and it reduces nutrient loss. It’s all about boosting root growth, which helps reduce water demand.
  • Seasol for Lawns is boosted with a soil wetting agent and essential nutrients. The simple to use hose-on law problem solver is brilliant for toughing our lawns up for the West Australian climate.
  • Lawns are an important part of any landscape and they play an important role. Lawns store enormous amounts of atmospheric carbon and cools and humidifies the garden and just 6sqm of lawn covering provides enough oxygen for one person per day!
  • Enjoy an amazing natural ground cover with Seasol.

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