Combat Sandy Soil Conditions

Episode: 2
Title: Combat Sandy Soil Conditions
Broadcast: Nov 13th 2016
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Trev shows us a wetting agent specifically designed for Western Australian conditions by a family owned Australian company. As the weather gets hotter and drier, this product is necessary for a healthy garden.

  • The idea that our soils might be dry under the surface sounds crazy, right? Wrong! Everything grows, including soil born fungi and it’s their mycelium under the soil that tends to create dry pockets in the soil later on.
  • Join Trev as he shows us a veggie garden that has been booming since winter, but he sees a problem and the giveaway is just above the surface. The first sign of water repellence is when water starts running off the bed.
  • Grosorb is designed for WA environments by the WA gardening family, Baileys Fertiliser and it’s been a trusted component of the gardeners arsenal for years.
  • As the days get hotter it’s going to get more and more important to ensure water soaks quickly into the soil, encouraging roots to chase it down deep, which will make the plants grow healthy, produce more and demand less water and nutrients.
  • It’s easy to apply – just from a watering can from the 1lt concentrate but you should be soaking your total garden for best results. You can get 2lt hose-on for this.

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