Black Marvel for Roses

Episode: 3
Title: Black Marvel and Bug Killa
Broadcast: Apr 1
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Roses have to be the most beautiful of all garden plants and Trev shows us a product to take care of rose problems.

  • Roses can be the most maligned plant, not only because of their thorns but also because of the pests and insects they attract.
  • Roses are incredibly productive and as spring is here they are on the move, growing strong and producing lots of flowers. It makes sense that they use a lot of energy and we need to substitute that with fertiliser.
  • Richgro Black Marvel and Bug Killa is a specialised plant food that is high in potash, which promotes flowering. It’s also high in iron, which strengthens your roses and helps to fight off diseases.
  • It not only toughens the roses, fending them from aphids and fungal attacks, it gives the leaves a deep glossy green luster, which gives the bushes an incredibly lush, healthy look.
  • Specially made by Richgro, a family-owned gardening company that was created over 100 years ago. Gardening experts rely on Black Marvel!

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