Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show feature 2

Episode: 6
Title: Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show feature 2
Broadcast: Apr 22
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

For a lot of people the idea of visiting a garden show isn’t at the top of their travel list but for the 100,000 plus visitors to the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, this is a site worth savoring. Today Trevor shows us around.

  • The world’s finest designers showcasing their latest ideas with the hope that a judge might award them gold.
  • There’s some incredible displays and lots of great garden ideas, artworks and new plant introductions but one place where it all comes together each year is the tree and shrub growers of Victoria’s display garden.
  • It’s an incredible collaboration of nurseries and your chance to see the latest and greatest plants on display in a real garden environment.
  • Trevor speaks to Steve Day, who has designed a garden for MIFGS for 9 years in a row now and we go on a tour through his garden and discuss how the garden is put together.
  • There are 10’s and 1000’s of hours put into creating this show each year. It’s truly professional, there’s nothing quite like it. Inspiration at every turn. You know what? You’ve got to make sure you come to Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show next year!

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