Moth Orchids

Episode: 6
Title: Moth Orchids
Broadcast: Apr 22
Presenter: Steve Wood

It’s hard not to love these long lasting flowers - these exquisite moth orchids belong to the phalaenopsis family and account for around 75% of all the orchids grown throughout the world! Today Steve shows us some.

  • A single flower will last for around 3-4 months and a stem can produce up to 12 flowers. When choosing a plant look for one that still has plenty of buds to open, that way you know you’ll have flowers for months to come.
  • Caring for your moth orchid is fairly simple but there’s a couple of rules to keep in mind: they love indirect bright light, so position near a north facing window is ideal but most important is making sure we don’t overwater them.
  • It’s best to wait until the potting mix starts to dry on top. On average they’ll require a drink around every 7-10 days. It’s also important to ensure your pot has good drainage and the plant isn’t sitting in the saucer of water. Excess moisture can lead to root rot and this is what we’re trying to avoid.
  • When it comes to feeding - a liquid fertiliser is best and is generally done after the plant is finished flowering. This is not the time to be thinking more is better.
  • When they finish flowering remove the flower stalk at the base of the plant. This will encourage a new flush of foliage together with new spites of flowers.
  • There are over 1400 species of orchid worldwide with more than 50 species native to Australia. In addition to these, there are also many different hybrids that have been created by crossing the original species.
  • Now collecting dendrobiums can be quite addictive and with so many varieties out there - be warned. It’s hard to know where to stop!

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