Secrets to Gardening Success – Step 6

Episode: 6
Title: Seasol Step 6
Broadcast: Apr 22
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Rooftop gardens are all the rage these days, adding greenery to our urban spaces and today Nige visits one in the Sydney suburb of Redfern right in the heart of the city where they’ve got rooftop meets community meeting edible meets medicinal. It’s a cracker!

  • Today Nigel adds Seasol to the rooftop garden to help stimulate strong root growth and beneficial soil micro-organisms as well as help them to enhance flowering and fruiting.
  • Seasol is a certified organic seaweed plant tonic suitable for all plants including natives. Promotes healthy vigorous growth.
  • Seasol is an organically enriched granular plant food with Troforte microbe technology. Contains essential nutrients for all plants including native.
  • Seasol cntains 24 strains of beneficial microbes which work by improving soil structure and assist plants with nutrient availability.
  • Organically based dynamic liquid fish fertiliser and soil conditioner. Promotes healthy vigorous growth for all plants including natives.
  • Contains highly active liquid compost to promote good soil structure and to help retain soil moisture.

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