Willagee Garden - Soil

Episode: 11
Title: Willagee Garden - Soil
Broadcast: Oct 28 2017
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

The biggest thing to happen to gardening in the past 30 years had been the introduction of wetting agents, which started in WA, and quickly moved east as the country experienced drought and then realized we are actually feeling the front end of climate change.

  • Wetting agents washed the waxy coating off sand and organics that had become hydrophobic. Whilst this was vitally important in ensuring water reached roots it wasn’t addressing the root cause… sandy soils that had dried too much and been allowed to become hydrophobic.
  • Whilst adding organics in the form of compost can help, the reality is that it’s not a permanent fix.
  • There’s only one product that combines the benefits of kaolin clay. That product is called Soil Solver Clay Plus and it’s saving gardens in Australia’s driest city- Perth. It contains rock minerals, which provide plants nutrition as well as silt.
  • The key to binding everything together with your existing poor quality soil is to create something very similar to what some lucky gardens enjoy.. something called Loam. Get your hands on some Soil Solver Clay Plus today to improve the health of your soil.

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