Office Living Wall

Episode: 11
Title: Office Living Wall
Broadcast: Oct 28 2017
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Today we invite you into the office of The Garden Gurus and we show you what we’re going to add to our office this week.

  • When it comes to office space, the air that your team breathes is vitally important. It makes sense to put plants in an office environment to filter the air of pollutants, more importantly to take co2 out of the atmosphere and put oxygen into it.
  • We are on a mission to increase the number of plants inside the office to increase the aesthetics and the quality of our workspace.
  • The hottest trend in gardening is living walls and the best plants for a wall like this are poinsettias, orchards, indoor flowering plants and even foliage plants like bromeliads.
  • The plants for our office are selected on colour, fragrance and unique architectural shape and foliage colour. The soil is the one thing you’ve got to get right. We use a chunky coarse cocopeat mixture that’s got some volcanic rock in it.
  • As each of the planters are filled with plants, we want the vertical garden to dazzle visitors and be a nice backdrop to our coordinators workspace.
  • The addition of this vertical wall
  • Now we have a natural air conditioner in our work space that’ll filter pollutants and stale air out of the office environment. The sharper the mind is, the more creative you are and the better you deal with problems and stress.

The Garden Gurus