Bulbs and Blossoms in the Landscape

Episode: 11
Title: Bulbs and Blossoms in the Landscape
Broadcast: Oct 28 2017
Presenter: Melissa King

Like to think of spring bulbs and blossoms as the icing on the cake. They provide those delicious seasonal displays and really give you something to look forward to coming out of the cooler months.

  • There’s no better place to see bulbs and blossoms taking center stage than here at the Alowyn Gardens in Victoria’s Yarra Valley.
  • Today Melissa speaks with John, the Manager and Creator of Alowyn Gardens. John describes bulbs first poking their head through the soil as the most amazing feeling. Every year you get through a cold dark winter and then suddenly spring happens and there’s life. It’s absolutely wonderful.
  • To use bulbs, John prefers the landscape to be quite simple. A lot of daffodils, ditch iris, tulips, as well as all of the trees that come into flower after that.
  • Flowering trees are a big part of the landscape here in spring, some of Johns favourites are the magical malus floribunda, flowering cherry and crabapple trees.
  • Spring is an amazing time, it goes from being a dormant area and all of a sudden it comes on. It starts with the wattles coming to flower and then the bulbs follow and then this whole range of colour throughout the garden.

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