Richgro Natural Weedkiller

Episode: 12
Title: Richgro Natural Weedkiller
Broadcast: Nov 4th
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Weeds come in all shapes and sizes and the odd one here and there isn’t a problem but if they start getting out of hand then it’s a problem!

  • Richgro Beat-A-Bug Naturally Based Insect Spray is made of natural ingredients and is suitable for use of all around the garden and in vegetable gardens.
  • Our natural insect spray kills and repels all your garden insect pests including ants, aphids, caterpillars, cockroaches, earwigs, leafhoppers, whitefly and thrips.
  • An effective bug spray, it also gives your plants a boost of natural nutrients at the site of pest attack for improved resistance.
  • Richgro Natural BEAT-A-WEED is a fast acting weedkiller made of natural actives. It works by dehydrating the unwanted plants, burning it from the top down. Results are seen as browning and wilting of the plant and can be seen within hours of application (apply as directed for optimum results).
  • Works by starving the plant of moisture and dehydrating it. The natural weed killer is glyphosate free to ensure that you get maximum efficacy with minimum collateral damage to your garden.
  • Whether you’re growing a veggie patch or cultivating roses, Beat-a-Weed is the perfect choice for gardeners of all kinds across the country.

P: (08) 6258 7100