Harvesting Trout

Episode: 12
Title: Harvesting Trout
Broadcast: Nov 4th
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

It’s been 15 years since we launched The Garden Gurus on Channel 9, and through that time we’ve visited some incredible gardens across Australia, even across the globe but the key to our success has without doubt been spending most of our time in suburban backyards! Today we visit another fantastic fan.

  • Lauren has a garden with a difference. Hers is transportable and incredibly productive.
  • This is a very small footprint made in the world here, Lauren has created a “World of Pots” and an aquaponics set up down the side of her house and out the back some fruit & veggies and blueberries.
  • At the moment the aquaponics set up have trout because they’re a nice, easy winter fish to grow and she’s actually due for a harvest.
  • The trout have been growing since April, so they haven’t taken very long to grow.
  • Lauren shows us how she harvests her fresh fish and the steps she takes before eating them. This really is one productive garden!

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