About Hoselink

Episode: 12
Title: About Hoselink
Broadcast: Nov 4th
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

The garden industry is a fascinating one, which has evolved from family businesses. Small individual operators and entrepreneurs are now developing new products to make gardening easier, or breeding new plants that grow so well with our climate and backyards.

  • This particular story is about an Australian family who work together to create products that reduce leakages in your hose fittings at home.
  • Hoselink are taking control of the whole watering category and what they’re doing today is quite remarkable.
  • The company began a good 18 years ago and they decided to redesign the hose fitting in the first place because of the failings in the market.
  • Since the hose connector system was developed by Hoselink, the company has evolved and now the whole family are involved.
  • A lot of the business is now online and Hoselink has always had a huge focus on the customer and the customer experience. The above and beyond attitude really reflects in the response from customers.
  • The hose fittings aren’t the core of the business now, with Hoselink producing hose reels, sprinklers and many other garden products. If you want to get your hands on online or give them a call, or if you live in Sydney you can pop into their warehouse direct shop.

W: www.hoselink.com.au
P: 1300 900 617