The Best Irrigation System

Episode: 1
Title: The Best Irrigation System
Broadcast: Mar 18rd 2018
Presenter: Darren Seinor

With nearly half of all household water use occurring outside the home it is vital to have an irrigation system that is as efficient and as effective as possible. If your system is getting a little old or wasn’t designed with the latest innovations you’re missing out on some truly significant water savings, but you can be slashing your garden water use while keeping your garden healthy & happy!

  • The heart & soul of any irrigation system is the controller, and they have they come a long way in the last few years. Irrigation controllers used to be infamous for being difficult to use and horrible to program, but not anymore.
  • Weather based controllers connect to the internet and use the information provided by your local weather stations to automatically adjust your irrigation programming to suit the local weather conditions.
  • For many years spray nozzles were the only real option for lawn and garden irrigation and they can be far from the best option with issues such as misting, spray drift and rapid application rates. Retro fitting sprays with modern Rotor or Stream nozzles can greatly improve your irrigation system’s efficiency.
  • Drip line systems are great because the water is applied directly at the base of the plants, below the mulch, so there is no over spray, no ’shadowing’ and virtually no evaporation, they can even be used for lawns!
  • Many gardens feature plants in pots but they can be a little tricky to water off the irrigation system. Sprayers apply water far too quickly and the water runs through the pot rather than soaking into the rootball. A better option is drippers as the water is applied slowly allowing it soak into the rootball.
  • Whether you’re upgrading an existing system or installing a brand new one, expert advice from your local Waterwise Accredited Specialist is critical, they can recommend the best components for your individual needs and just as importantly they will tell how long to run each station for without wasting water, and don’t forget to stick to watering roster!

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