How to Care for Exotic Plants

Episode: 1
Title: How to Care for Exotic Plants
Broadcast: Mar 18rd 2018
Presenter: Steve Wood

Did you know that we use almost half of our household water in used the garden? A waterwise garden can still look beautiful and thrive even in a climate like ours but it doesn’t have to be limited to just native species.

  • By choosing the right Water wise exotic plants you can have a stunning garden.
  • It’s hard to imagine we are on the Perth sand plain in this gorgeous tropical garden in Thornlie.
  • Plants like Bromiliads (there’s over 400 in this garden alone!), dracaenas, olive trees, buganvilias, frangipani, nandinas, they all scream exotic and hardy at the same time.
  • The Water Corporation have an excellent list of waterwise exotic plants on their website. Visit and choose the plant selector guide.
  • Once you have bought your plants it’s vital that we condition the soil prior to planting. If you have sandy soil conditions, adding 2-3 kilos of clay per square meter will make a huge difference in your soils ability to hold on to our precious water instead of it draining away and being wasted.
  • If we then add some organic material such as a quality compost we’ve pretty much created a loam, the holy grail of soil.
  • Not only will our water use be substantially reduced, our exotic plants are going to feel like their back in their natural environment and thrive creating a beautiful garden that will give years pleasure and bring a lot of joy.

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