Soil Improvement Strategies

Episode: 1
Title: Soil Improvement Strategies
Broadcast: Mar 18rd 2018
Presenter: Tim Linehan

There are practices we can implement to utilise existing sand and soils, to create an environment for the unique and exotic plants to be used. Today we have a local landscaper teaching us how you really can achieve a flourishing garden utilising soil improving techniques without taking drastic measures.

  • To utilise soils, you need to bring in a mixture of soil conditioner, compost and Soil Solver, and mix it through 150mm of existing soil.
  • This creates a loamy soil that protects and builds up levels of organic matter so the soil continues to improve long into the future, and one application permanently transforms sand to soil.
  • If your plants are still suffering from lack of water then you can use Soil Solver as a wetting agent, which permanently cures water repellency and run off. A little each year around your plants or dug in is perfect.
  • If you have dry spots in lawns, have a bag on hand to treat problem areas and to add a little in planting holes to get plants off to a great start.
  • And lastly and one of the most important elements in a garden and especially a new and establishing one is the addition of a really good quality mulch.
  • To achieve the best results you really want a minimum depth of 50mm but Ideally a 75mm thick layer is the best practice.
  • The type of mulch is a horticultural blend that is elements that break down quickly and elements that will take longer to break down so it is continually feeding the garden. This will reduce weed growth, create a thriving eco system, and hugely improve water retention.
  • This should be done 2-3 times a year and even include a compost to get even better results.

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