Getting your Plants off to the Right Start

Episode: 4
Title: Getting your Plants off to the Right Start
Broadcast: Mar 24th 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane & Julian Rose

Autumn is the time to plant out new garden plants, particularly native plant species because they establish using winter rainfall. If there was one thing that could negatively impact this strategy it would be poor quality soils but there is a way to guarantee every plant you put in gets off to the perfect start.

  • Julian Rose is the managing director of Deep Green Landscapes and recently his team completed the 27 hectare landscape of the new stadium in Perth which involved hundreds of thousands of native plants being installed as tubes.
  • Troforte technology tablets have 60 micro and macro nutrients as well as 26 beneficial microbes and the microbes feed off the minerals to provide the plants with a well balanced diet fed in small quantities every day
  • Put a small amount of soil in first, then the tablet, and then cover the tablet with a little more soil before planting. Remember to water the plant as this will activate the tablet and kick start the minerals.
  • If you’re going to plant any new garden plants in your garden stack the odds of success in your favour and plant with Troforte M planting tablets, you can get them in your local garden centre.

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