Naturally Based Insect Spray for your Ornamentals

Episode: 4
Title: Naturally Based Insect Spray for your Ornamentals
Broadcast: Mar 24th 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

You will notice something has changed when you next go into your garden center looking for insecticides. Many ‘Neonicotinoids’ have been pulled from the shelves, the chemicals would affect the bees homing device, meaning a lot of them filled up with food, but then never made it home.

  • This is a significant issue in the USA where its estimated honey bees have lost almost 50% of the population there was ten years ago. So taking this proactive response is good news, because honey bees are directly responsible for 1/3rd of the worlds food supply.
  • There are safe, natural alternatives available and Richgro has to be one of the best. It uses three ingredients that occur naturally in nature and have proven very popular for home gardens..
  • Ingredients such as chili will do wonders for your garden. You know what it’s like when you eat a chili, now imagine what it would feel like to a caterpillar!
  • Ingredients like Garlic are perfect to warn off ants, grasshoppers and many more little pests that could damage your healthy garden.
  • The last ingredient comes from the Pyrethrum Daisy in Africa and acts as a natural control for many bugs.
  • These three ingredients are the ultimate natural pest control that wards off most bugs. Get it premixed in a 1 litre trigger pack that will allow you to spray your favourite plants easily, most importantly its bee friendly and a real solution to replacing the Neonicotinoids.

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