Seasol Benefit for Every Plant

Episode: 4
Title: Seasol Benefit for Every Plant
Broadcast: Mar 24th 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Trevor showed you the beginnings of his native garden’s soil last spring, which has now grown into a completely natural soil that has not been improved in any way because of one special product.

  • By planting native tubes in winter you get the best establishment results and the lest plant losses.
  • To get the best results Trevor uses a ‘green thumb’ cheat – he soaks them in Seasol before he planted them, and also given them a few doses since. Yes! Seasol actually works for natives!
  • Seasol Advanced is a great way to give these plants a boost once they are already established. It is great for all plants but particularly on native plants that are establishing, it has all the benefits of Seasol, but with a nutritional boost that’s gentle, but fast acting.
  • Seasol Advanced comes in a 2 liter making it very easy to apply, and currently you can purchase twin packs. Perfect for one on the front garden and one for the back garden!

P: 1800 335 508