Spring Lawn Care

Story Title: Spring Lawn Care
Date: August 25th
Presenter: Melissa King

We make the most of our lawns throughout the warmer months, so make sure you put a bit of lawn TLC on your to-do list this month to get your green oasis in tip top shape

  • Aerating is a good spring job, because it opens the soil up to allow air, water and nutrients to filter down to grass roots, which creates a stronger healthier lawn.
  • Troforte Fert-O-lawn does just that. It contains a slow release fertiliser that delivers all the right nutrients to your lawn over a period of 3-4 months, so you get a slow and continuous greening of your lawn. There are also over 60 natural minerals in here.
  • Some of the microbes in Troforte also eat their way through thatch. That’s the layer of dead organic matter that settles in and around the base of the grass.
  • Simply sprinkle the tiny granules over the lawn and water them in to get the microbes working in the soil. Apply it three times a year for a lush green lawn

Website: www.troforte.com.au/fertilizer/troforte-m