Mulching vs Catching

Title: Mulching vs Catching
Date: 15th September 2018
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Nigel breaks down the differences between catching mowing and mulch mowing.

  • Using a catcher on the back of your mower will collect all of the grass clippings. The catcher will have a fill indicator to let you know when it’s full
  • While using mulching mode the 4 blades finely chop up the clippings before throwing them onto the lawn where they break down, providing nutrients to your lawn. They also give a protective, insulating layer for the soil that helps reduce water loss through evaporation much the same as mulch on your garden beds
  • You shouldn’t mulch mow in very long grass, as it clogs the mower and produces too much waste matter. You must also make sure not to mulch mow where weed seeds are present, or they’ll be spread all over the lawn
  • To clean your mower, attach a regular garden hose to the deck wash plug and run the mower – it cleans itself