Seasol – The Importance of Nutrition

Title: Seasol – The Importance of Nutrition
Date: 15th September 2018
Presenter: Steve Wood

When growing a garden, it is important to make sure you’re feeding your plants well, giving them the essential nutrients they require. Controlled release fertilisers provide nutrients to your plants gradually, allowing them to feed on a daily basis over a period of months.

  • Powerfeed combines Nitrogen Phosporus Potassium and trace elements with seaweed, to boost plant health, and microbes, to assist in nutrient uptake and building soil structure.
  • The Powerfeed controlled release range is available in specific formulas. All Purpose is suitable for a wide range of plants including natives. Tomatoes and Vegetables is designed for maximum yields, while Fruit and Citrus ensures your fruit trees never go hungry making growing your own healthy food at home a satisfying and rewarding experience
  • To use the Powerfeed controlled substance, simply sprinkle the granules onto the soil following the recommended rate and water in.
  • The granules will continue to release vital nutrients for up to 5 months and with the combination of  seaweed and microbes your garden couldn’t ask for more.