Bromeliad Tree

Episode: 5
Title: Bromeliad Tree
Broadcast: March 30, 2019
Presenter: Bonnie-Marie Hibbs

If you’re looking for an interesting, living feature for the garden, Bonnie has a great DIY project that will really add a difference.

  • Bromeliads are a hardy plant and come in a variety of leaf colours and forms. Best of all, ‘broms’ are easy to grow and require minimal attention.
  • Bromeliad plants are mostly epiphytic, meaning they often cling to trees or other vertical surfaces and capture water and much of their nutrient needs from sources other than soil. They are not parasitic but simply use the structures as perches.
  • A good surface for creating a bromeliad tree is a branch or trunk with a rough textured bark that the bromeliads can cling to.
  • Simply tie the plants to the bark using a good gardeners string. There’s no potting mix required, as the plants use the moisture and organics from the bark to establish themselves. You can use peat moss to help encourage initial growth.
  • As the plants start to cling to the branch, give them a little seaweed solution to help sustain their growth.
  • The plants need one or two drinks a week, just enough to encourage growth and provide enough moisture to the heart of the plant.
  • Water that collects inside the cup creates a natural water basin for the plant to feed off. It’s also an insect and frog attractant, so will bring a lot of wildlife to your garden.