Top 4 Flowering Indoor Plants

Segment: Top 4 Flowering Indoor Plants
Episode: Spring 2019, Ep10
Presenter: Bonnie-Marie Hibbs
TX Date: 23rd November 2019

Indoor plants can change the way we feel about rooms, particularly those with bright, colourful blooms.

  • Anthuriums come in a wide range of pastel colours, including red, pink, purple and white. Their waxy blooms are extremely long lasting, and can flower for 3 months or more.
  • These require medium to bright light to produce their blooms, so if you have one in your home that is mostly green, try moving it to a lighter spot.
  • New Guinea Impatiens are beautifully vibrant plants, and pairing them with a neutral pot will help them to stand out.
  • These plants are fairly easy to care for, though if you’re growing them inside you’ll need to keep them well fed. A liquid feed fertiliser every 4 weeks will do the trick – and make sure to water them once or twice a week over summer.
  • If you love the look of succulents, kalanchoe is the plant for you. These tough plants don’t require too much water - simply check the soil to see if its dry.
  • These plants love a bright sunny spot, so a windowsill is the perfect spot for them.
  • The Peace Lily, or Spathiphyllum, is a common house. These plants are known for their long, slender stems topped with pure white flowers.
  • This is a versatile plant, and can be placed in a low-lit room and still thrive.