Osmocote Sustainability

Segment: Osmocote Sustainability
Episode: Spring 2019, Ep10
Presenter: Nigel Ruck
TX Date: 23rd November 2019

Scotts have been making potting mixes and fertilisers for years with a strong focus on sustainability.

  • The impact that industry and manufacturing have on the environment is a global issue, and one that Scotts is trying to combat.
  • While they have to use plastic in their packaging, Scotts have partnered with Red Cycle. This organisation helps them to take the soft plastics and turn them into a product at the end.
  • Customers can simply return bags to Red Cycle outlets – you can take them to your local supermarket chains.
  • Osmocote works by the action of temperature and moisture – as the temperature rises, more water is taken on, and the Osmocote will start to swell and push out. The coating is a soy based, so it’s naturally derived, and only releases nutrition as the plant needs it.
  • Osmocote potting mixes are derived from pine bark. This is a sustainable material that has been brought from forests, crushed and graded, and composted.
  • They have sustainable pine forests all around Australia, with a few different species. These forests are mainly used for timber and construction, and Osmocote takes the leftover bark.
  • It’s great to see what used to be considered waste materials being reused in a positive, sustainable way, and it’s reassuring to know that gardeners can make good choices for the environment.