Dealing with Winter Stress

Story: Dealing with Winter Stress
Episode: 1
Presenter: Sue McDougall
Air Date: 15 August 2020

Most plant’s growth rate slows down in winter and new growth can be damaged when temperatures go below freezing. You can minimise this damage by using these simple tips.

  • Creating a microclimate with a tree canopy is absolutely perfect for stopping the cold from descending into the soil level. Even a deciduous tree will make a difference, keeping susceptible plants just a little warmer.
  • Avoid high nitrogen fertilisers at any time, particularly when it’s cold. These fertilisers will give you lush green leaves but come the cold, your garden will collapse completely.
  • Seasol feeds the microbes in the soil and creates a thick cell wall, strengthening your plants’ resistance to pests and disease which is necessary for the winter months.
  • Seasol will help plants power through minus temperatures if it’s applied as a liquid formulation at least twenty-four hours before freezing temperatures are forecast.
  • Avoid areas in the garden where there’s no airflow. You want the air to go through. Deciduous trees are great because they still allow airflow while keeping the soil underneath warm.
  • Make sure you keep up with your weeding. You might think that leaves of the weeds will provide additional protection, but they won’t.
  • You can protect susceptible plants by covering them with a piece of hessian, an old sheet or even an upside-down pot.

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