Story: Liliums
Episode: 3
Presenter: Nigel Ruck
Air Date: 29th August 2020

Lilies are a stunning flowering plant that looks elegant in any garden. Garden Express has a fantastic deal on their collection of lilies just for Garden Gurus viewers.

  • Lilies will grow in most parts of Australia.
  • They grow well in full sun to partial shade in well-drained, friable, and fertile soil with protection from the wind.
  • You can improve the soil before planting with compost and fertiliser if needed.
  • Lilies are also great in pots and containers, so you really can’t go wrong.
  • Now is the perfect time to plant lilies. Their bulbs are best planted straight away at a depth of 10-20cm and about 30cm apart.
  • The Garden Express Lilium range includes Black Charm, Cogoleto, Sundew, Blushing Joy, Purple Eye, Pink Flight, Lancifolium Splendens, and Pearl Frances.
  • These can be bought individually for $11.90 but Garden Gurus viewers can get all 8 for just $60.00, saving them over 35%.

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